Siemens WD14U520NL - 9/6 kg

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Key specs

Load capacity
9 kg
Maximum load capacity, drying
6 kg
Spinning noise level
71 dB
Revolutions per minute (RPM)
1400 rpm
Washing quality

Pros and cons

According to our washer dryer combo expert
  • Pros:
    The autoDry system protects your laundry, so it won't shrink while it's drying.
  • Pros:
    The brushless iQdrive motor reduces vibrations and noise.
  • Pros:
    You can do more laundry in one go, thanks to the spacious 9kg drum.
  • Con:
    The washer dryer combination can't be controlled remotely by a special app.
  • Con:
    With a maximum drying capacity of 6 kilograms, you can't dry as much wet laundry in one go.
Product Expert washer-dryer combos

The Siemens WD14U520NL is a washer dryer combination with a 9kg capacity that's suitable for a family with 3 or more children. You can choose from 14 cycles for dress shirts, towels, and delicates, for example. To clean bedding or tea towels, use the hygiene cycle. This will remove bacteria at a higher temperature. If you want to dry your laundry, there's room for 6kg of fabric. The autoDry system prevents uses moisture sensors to prevent your clothes from shrinking. Once your laundry is dry enough, the washer dryer combination automatically stops. If you want to quickly wear your favorite outfit, use the non-stop cycle 'Wash&Dry 60' to wash and dry in 60 minutes. Keep in mind that this is only suitable for up to 1kg of clothes.

Included by default

  • Inlet hose 1.5m
  • Drain hose 1.5m

Recommended combinations

  • Siemens WD14U520NL - 9/6 kg + Drying rack

    • Siemens WD14U520NL - 9/6 kg
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Siemens WD14U520NL - 9/6 kg

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Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
Warranty type
On-site service

Washing machine functions

Load capacity
9 kg
Number of washing cycles
General washing cycles
Cotton, Delicate laundry, Hand wash, Refresh, Short cycle, Synthetic, Wool
Washing cycles specifically for
Allergies, Dress shirts, Impregnate, Mixed laundry, Outdoor clothing, Silk
Washing cycle length
390 min