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According to our smoke detector expert
  • Via the Nest app of the smoke detectors, you're always aware of the possible fire hazard in your home.
  • The combination detector detects both odorless carbon monoxide gas and smoke.
  • Connect the smoke detectors to other smart devices and let them work together.
  • It's not possible to connect the smoke detectors to mains power.
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Product description

The Google Nest Protect V2 5-pack has 5 Google Nest battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This allows you to be aware of possible smoke development or carbon monoxide leaks in your house, anytime, anywhere. As soon as the smoke and carbon monoxide detector is mounted to your ceiling, you can control it using the Nest app on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Whenever the detector detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it signals you by means of a female voice of 70 decibels. This voice tells you exactly where in the house the danger is. The app also keeps you up to date with respect to low battery status or sensor outages. Use WiFi to connect the Google Nest Protect V2 to other Google Nest products, like the Google Nest thermostat and the Google Nest IP camera. This way, you get more benefits from the separate products. A green light will switch on as soon as the motion sensor detects movement in the dark. Every Google Nest Protect V2 (battery) runs on 6 AA batteries that are included by default.

Included by default

  • Manual (2.53 MB)
  • Battery (6x)
  • Screw (4x)
  • Mounting support
  • Introductory guide

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Most helpful reviews

  • Our expert review Google Nest Protect: smart, loud and clear!

    Dylan. Smart home specialist. | 6 March 2020 | In the version: 1 | Battery | Automatically translated from Dutch

    • Easy installation
    • Combination of voice prompts, colors and app
    • Linkable to smart devices
    • Reports smoke development and carbon monoxide
    • Some extra features add little

    The Google Nest Protect V2 has a design that fits in with other Nest products: sleek and stylish. The design is special for a smoke detector. I immediately notice the holes in the housing and it has an LED ring that communicates with the help of colors.

    Easy installation
    You can easily install the Nest Protect V2: make a plate on the ceiling and click the smoke detector into place. I have both the battery version and the wired version. The wired version requires power, so you connect it to the mains. This is also easy to do with 2 left hands. My only regret is that my smoke detector is not parallel to the walls. When I click it on the attachment of my old ceiling lamp, I can no longer turn it. So now it hangs a bit diagonally relative to the wall. Once installed, you can easily connect the smoke detector to the Nest app. Here I set a location per smoke detector (including 'attic').

    Loud and clear
    Once you've heard the Nest Protect alarm, you'll never want to hear it again. It is extremely loud, it really hurts your ears. At the slightest smoke development, I now immediately open windows and doors, to prevent the noise. The smoke detector gives a voice warning and a notification via the app before the siren sounds. This way I can first check what is going on and do something about it. The communication with voice is therefore a handy feature, which warns before the alarm goes off and tells you whether the smoke has gone. In addition, I immediately hear where the smoke is in the house.

    Notifications in different ways
    Nest Protect communicates through voice prompts, push notifications, and the LED ring. This reduces the chance that I will miss a notification, even if I am not at home. In the app I see that the smoke detector regularly tests itself with a monthly sound check. The LED ring indicates all kinds of things with different colors. Because the smoke detector also talks and has an app, I don't actually use that feature. It also has a night mode, where the light turns on when the Nest Protect detects movement. Because of the smart lamps in my house, I don't really need this feature.

    Integration in your smart home
    I love that the smoke detector works with my other smart devices. For example, it's handy that my Nest thermostat switches off if the Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide. I also connect it to my Hue lamps, so that they flash when the smoke detector goes off. It is strange that you only use these tricks in emergency situations. Because there has been no fire or smoke in my house, I have not yet seen these smart couplings in practice after testing.

    Dylan. Smart home specialist. | 6 March 2020 | In the version: 1 | Battery | Automatically translated from Dutch
  • 3 / 5 stars
    Beautiful, (too) pricey but not suitable for all situations

    Arjan van der Oest | 17 November 2015 | In the version: 1 | Grid current | Automatically translated from Dutch

    • Nice
    • Solid
    • CO2 detection
    • Subtle in case of false alarm
    • (too expensive
    • Not suitable without junction box!!

    Full of anticipation, I bought a Nest Protect to replace the first of my existing Ei.146 smoke detectors. Since this is also equipped with 230V (new-build home) and because I don't feel like regularly replacing 6 (expensive, Nest recommends a specific type) AA batteries, I chose the Wired version.

    However, what is my surprise: in contrast to other wired systems, it is not simply possible to directly screw the 230 volts into the device. Nest supplies a plug on a piece of cable that must be connected to the existing cables with (supplied, that in turn) welding caps. Well, that's not the worst either (although I don't have a junction box in the ceiling so certainly no room for welding caps, but that could be solved with some soldering and insulating tape), were it not for the fact that you plug the plug AROUND the way in the Nest should stick out and that the plug then sticks out almost an inch from the base. So if you don't have a junction box under the Nest (for me, only a PVC pipe comes out of the concrete ceiling with three cables in it), then it is physically impossible to get the Nest against the ceiling. The mounting ring that Nest provides is only a few millimeters thick and does not give you the space you need.

    Fortunately, the people at Coolblue solve this neatly by taking the device back, via a free answering number (despite the fact that I had picked it up in a store). So even if a purchase is disappointing, you are at the right place with Coolblue and that is a very reassuring thought.

    Arjan van der Oest | 17 November 2015 | In the version: 1 | Grid current | Automatically translated from Dutch
  • 5 / 5 stars
    Works great in places where you need extra vigilance

    Bjorn | 3 December 2015 | In the version: 1 | Battery | Automatically translated from Dutch

    • nice design
    • night watchman
    • check for battery every night

    Bought for the kitchen. Yes. the kitchen indeed. This Nest is built with its advanced technology in such a way that it doesn't see my steam from the boiled potatoes as a fire. However, my smoking kettle (fire in the contact points) he saw neatly as smoke. And first shout through the house: Attention: smoke development in the kitchen! Then your phone vibrates and you know exactly where to go. With the app turned off the notification after the kettle was turned off. In the event of a larger fire or CO notification, I expect it to beep immediately. Didn't have it so couldn't test. Works great in places where you need extra vigilance. Top!

    Bjorn | 3 December 2015 | In the version: 1 | Battery | Automatically translated from Dutch
  • 2.5 / 5 stars
    No Push messages in case of fire with Iphone 6S (latest IOS)

    I posted the google nest protect a month ago. Everything ran by itself: at that moment you think that everything is working properly. Someone asked me yesterday to smoke in my house to test if I receive a fire notification. We've made smoke so that the alarm goes off. However, you will not receive a message or push message on your iPhone. Everything is indeed set correctly both in iPhone and in the NEST app. We tested this with the iPhone 6S latest IOS on both 4G and WiFi. So we tested 2 independent installations without getting a single message. If you start the nest app, you will see that there is a fire, but if your iPhone is on, without going into the NEST app, you won't know anything. Also in the message history of the NEST there is no mention of a fire alarm. So when you're not there, you don't see your house burning down. I recommend that everyone try this out. This is really dangerous and in the interest of everyone who purchases this successful product.

    Evert Vandeberg | 19 December 2019 | In the version: 5 | Battery | Automatically translated from Dutch
  • 4.5 / 5 stars
    Quality, beautiful, connectable and easy!
    • Easy to configure
    • IFTTT link and app
    • beautiful looks
    • Walkway light is great
    • Easy to assemble

    It costs a bit, but it's a nice device, and much smaller than you might think. It's great that it can be controlled remotely via an app, and the smoke detector is super easy to connect to, for example, a smart thermostat and Hue lamps. As an example: I have linked the above systems in such a way that when carbon monoxide is detected, for example, that the nest protect via IFTTT instructs my thermostat to switch off the central heating boiler (no more carbon monoxide, and in the meantime set all my Hue lamps to Red light to to warn me Or when there's a fire he puts all the hue lights on full power so I have the best chance of seeing where I can best flee.

    So gadget and useful in 1, perfect combination!

    Jan-Willem | 12 February 2016 | In the version: 1 | Battery | Automatically translated from Dutch