Philips 50PUS7805 - Ambilight + Soundbar + HDMI Cable

Version: 50 inches | Soundbar

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You can access even more movies, series, and videos via Android You can access even more movies, series, and videos via Android
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700,99 680,99
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According to our television expert
  • With this TV and soundbar, you create a real home cinema.
  • Even the smallest details of the image are clearly visible thanks to the 4K UHD resolution.
  • Thanks to the 2.1 sound setup of the soundbar and the subwoofer, the sound comes from both left and right and you hear a low bass.
  • The basic smart platform of this TV offers less apps and settings than an Android smart platform.
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Product description

With the Philips 50PUS7805 + Soundbar + HDMI Cable, you're sure to get a movie theater experience. The 4K resolution ensures that you can see small details like tree leaves or the buildings of a skyline properly. Via the basic smart platform, you can stream your favorite series and videos and watch them with a clear sound. Do want to feel like you're literally in the middle of a discussion between two actors? That's possible thanks to the 2.1 sound setup of the soundbar. You'll hear the sound from left and right. The subwoofer adds extra low tones, also known as the bass. In addition, the design of the TV and soundbar match well together. As a result, this set is a unified whole, which looks nice in your living room.

Included by default

Philips 50PUS7805 - Ambilight (2020)

  • Manual (1.51 MB)
  • Quick start guide
  • Remote
  • Batteries (2x)
  • Leg stands
  • power cable

BlueBuilt Hdmi Cable Nylon 1.5 Meter Black + 90 ° Adapter

  • Angle adapter

Philips TAB7305

  • Manual
  • Remote (including batteries)
  • Power cable
  • Wall mount

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Philips 50PUS7805 - Ambilight + Soundbar + HDMI Cable
Philips 50PUS7805 - Ambilight + Soundbar + HDMI Cable
Included accessories
Television mount Television mount
With a TV mount, you can give a it wings and hang the TV on the wall.
Media player Media player
With a media player, you can stream movies, music, and photos to your TV.
Cable tray Cable tray
You can bundle and hide loose cables with a cable duct.

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