OnePlus Nord 256GB Light Gray 5G + OnePlus Nord Sandstone Back Cover Black

Version: Light gray | 256 GB | Phone case

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According to our mobile phone expert
  • You protect the sides and back of the OnePlus Nord from scratches with the included case.
  • This device is powerful, so you can smoothly switch between different demanding apps.
  • With this smartphone, you can take sharper photos than with comparable devices.
  • You can't expand the storage capacity with a memory card.
  • You can only connect your wired headphones via a separately available USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.
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Product description

With the OnePlus Nord 256GB Light Gray 5G + OnePlus Nord Sandstone Back Cover Black, the sides and back of your smartphone are protected from scratches and dents. The Snapdragon 765G processor and 12GB RAM make the OnePlus Nord pretty powerful. The device can easily handle apps like Netflix and YouTube. You can also use more demanding apps or 3D games like Fortnite. The 6.44-inch Full HD screen is bright, so you can watch your favorite series in good quality. You can take beautiful photos with the rear cameras. Thanks to the wide-angle lens, tall buildings fit into the frame as well. The second camera on the front is also a wide-angle lens, so you can take selfies with all your friends. The 4115mAh battery usually lasts until the end of the day if it's fully charged. The back of the included back cover has a coarse finish. That way, the device won't slide out of your hands as easily.

Included by default

OnePlus Nord 256GB Light Gray 5G

  • Manual (1.72 MB)
  • Charger
  • USB-C cable
  • Transparent back cover
  • Plastic screen protector (applied to screen)
  • SIM needle

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4.5 / 5 stars

Midrange flagship with well-chosen compromises.

  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Screen when dimming

After years of clinging to my OnePlus 5T, I decided to renew. The prices around 1000 euros for modern devices were the point that kept me from switching. With the arrival of the OnePlus Nord, this was a possible solution for me. After closely following the launch and additional reviews, I took the step to pre-order the device. I have chosen the OnePlus Nord Onyx Gray 12GB 256GB. The first thing that struck me was the weight of the device. This is quite higher than that of my 5T but immediately gives a feeling of solidity. The plastic frame does not detract from the overall qualitative look & feel. As usual, the packaging contains the device with a plastic screen protector, a sim ejection tool, a transparent cover, some Nord stickers, paperwork, 30W Warp Charger and the recognizable, red USB-C cable. The first start-up of the device went smoothly, with the well-known google steps. The OnePlus Switch app can be used as soon as the device was fully started. Using the Switch app did not go smoothly the first time. There was a 50GB of data to transfer but the app had a hard time transferring apps. Presumably since apps are installed automatically as soon as you sign up a known google account. After a factory reset, go through the same steps and chose to copy only personal data and history via the Switch app. This went smoothly. The first thing you notice is the pill-shaped punchhole with the double front camera. It takes some getting used to at the beginning, but Android knows how to integrate this nicely in applications in most cases, so that after a few hours of use it is hardly noticeable anymore. You can choose to have a black bar at all times so that the punchhole no longer stands out, but then you have a strange edge ratio. The speed of the device is simply superb. Certainly coming from the 5T, this is another step-up and the chipset should not be too inferior to that of the OnePlus 7. The 90Hz screen is butter-smooth and the warp charge loads your device in no time. What I did notice, and one of the biggest "cons", is the screen when dimming. When dimming the screen, you can get a strange gradient when changing colors. As if the screen can't display it properly. If you turn up the brightness, it disappears again. However, this is the case with certain colors and certainly not everywhere. After some research, this seems to be something that happens to more users and is indicated by OnePlus as "a feature of this type of screen". Presumably the screen is a cheaper variant of the one in the flagships, making it "slightly less". However, knowing that the screen is vibrant, bright, and super smooth, this point is usually negligible and certainly not a letdown. The fingerprint reader, incorporated in the screen, also works super fast and accurately. Switching from a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, it takes some adjustment, but an equivalent successor. The battery life is nothing short of brilliant. The battery is fully charged in less than an hour and can easily last a day and a half, even with intensive (reading, not gaming but quite enough screen time) use. Since I don't game on my phone, I can't comment on that. The camera setup is ok, the macro and depth sensor may be more of a gimmick than something useful, the main sensor is definitely capable and the wide angle gives the device a little more. The processing software could use some tweaking, but here too OnePlus manages to offer solutions with the necessary updates, just like with their previous devices. The front camera is good, even if I rarely or never use it, the wide angle is definitely a plus here if you want to take a picture with several people. The biggest plus of this device is OxygenOs, the "shell" that OnePlus puts over Android. It offers numerous adjustments and optimizations and receives updates on a very regular basis to keep your device safe and up-to-date. Since the launch, the Nord has already received its 4th update with many improvements. All in all, super satisfied with my choice for the Nord and definitely recommended for people who want a well-priced device with a flagship feel.

  • Peter van gysel
  • 11 August 2020
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
5 / 5 stars

Nice phone with a high-end touch for everyday use

  • Fast charging & battery life
  • OxygenOS (Almost bare Android version)
  • Slightly slick housing

Started looking for an alternative to my Motorola G6 Plus whose software support ended before the warranty. One of the most important requirements: An Android version that is as bare as possible and a good software update policy, a battery that can last a bit and can charge quickly and a reasonable price. The review below is written based on my experiences and feeling with the device. I'm really not going to spend > €1000.00 for a flagship phone, never had one. So I don't compare this device with these expensive devices. It is my opinion and conclusion and it may differ with the users of High-End devices After many reviews on the internet and YouTube, I chose this Oneplus Nord. A device with 5G support, AMOLED screen, nice processor, almost bare Android version, 128 GB storage capacity and guaranteed 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security updates. The phone was well received on various forums, received good reviews and often came as the better or best choice in tests with other devices in this class. The device was already completely sold out with the pre-order. And even when I decided to purchase the device, it was nowhere for sale. The wait was worth it. Chosen for Coolblue because of the good service. The phone has been in use for a few weeks now and I deliberately waited to write a review until I had a more complete picture of the device. Thinking back to the moment I took the foil off the box the phone was in, I immediately noticed the size and quality of the box. A robust black box subtly finished in the color of the phone. The box is quite big for a phone, charger with cable and some documents. But it's part of the experience and all in all a good start. The first points for OnePlus were already in. The phone is neatly wrapped in a foil in a bed, underneath the large charger and the thick bright red USB-C cable that is neatly rolled up and held together with some clips. Some papers, stickers and the pin to open the SIM card slot make it complete. Installing was easy. After the phone had started up, the battery turned out to be half charged, so start the job right away. First transfer your Google account, then go through the wizard that helps you with the installation and you're done. Most of the work is logging in / signing in to the various apps and services again. I had already seen on YouTube that you can easily and quickly transfer all data such as apps, photos, music, video, text messages, etc. from your old phone to the OnePlus Nord by installing a special OnePlus app on your old phone. So you don't have to put everything in a cloud first and then download it again to the OnePlus. By scanning the QR code that appears on the screen of the OnePlus Nord, you don't even have to search the Google play store. After the wizard indicates that you can start transferring the data from your old phone, start the app on your old phone. Check all the data you want to transfer, press start and wait for everything to be copied. The Oneplus Nord comes out of the box with Android 10 and the OxygenOS shell from the manufacturer. This is a very pleasant peel, i.m.o. No bloatware that cannot be removed or test versions of payment apps that you never do anything with. An app for Netflix and Facebook. Don't need these apps? You can simply uninstall them. At the time of writing (08.10) the September security update has been installed. OxygenOS gives you the option to configure GUI to your liking. Where adapting the interface with the Motorola was very limited, it is not the case in this case. I can completely customize the phone to my liking. So again very satisfied. The charger feels good and the thick red USB-C cable gives the feeling that you have quality in your hands. The phone charges with 30 Watts of power. According to the manufacturer, the phone is charged from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes. Where I used to leave my phone on the charger all night, the Motorola 6 Plus took about 1.5 hours to reach 100%, the OnePlus takes about 45 minutes to go from about 30% to 100% battery power in the morning. come. And the battery life: For me this is just perfect. About 2 days, sometimes 2.5 days with a 100% charge and then I use the phone regularly every day to play simple games, to email, to consult the internet, to whatsapp a lot, occasionally YouTube, Netflix and Prime, calling for an average of 15 minutes and to frequently use apps such as Spotify, Sonos,, and local news apps. In addition, 24/7 bluetooth connection for connection to the car and my smartwatch. So for an average user, the battery capacity is more than sufficient and if you come up short, with the 30 watt charging capacity you are completely ready to get through the day after 15-30 minutes. The phone has an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a factory-fitted screen protector. So no hassle with air bubbles to stick one yourself. It is a pleasure to watch a video. Beautiful bright colors and black is really black. For a device of this class, the screen is very good. Scrolling through news apps is smooth, swiping from photo to photo is smooth and in clear and sunny weather it is still possible to see things on the screen, although the brightness has to be turned up. The device is quite large with its 6.44 inches. Yet the phone is easy to operate with one hand. The fingerprint scanner is located at the bottom center under the screen and responds quickly and more accurately compared to the Motorola phone, which had the scanner under the screen. Because my only reference points for the audio of the last few years have always been a Motorola phone, I say that i.m.o. the sound this phone produces is not bad at all. It's my first phone without a 3.5mm audio jack connection, am I missing it? No idea. Isn't this already the standard for the high-end models? I only use the audio jack when I'm on a plane for work, and that's not going to happen for a while given the current situation in the world. I think an audio jack - USB-C adapter will be the solution. If you are not on an airplane, you can use the bluetooth for your sound. Very handy is the switch on the right side of the device with which you can set the sound of the ringtone and notifications to silent / only vibrate / vibrate and sound. The phone contains 6 cameras. 4 in the back and 2 in the front for the selfies. I am not going to write about the functionalities and usefulness of all these cameras, the internet is full of that. But in general I am very satisfied with the results of the pictures I shot. The image stabilization is just good. Even when I make a video. Again, I have no idea how the high-end devices do, but for the price of this device, the results are very good for me. The NFC chip is also handy. I have been using it for contactless payments for several weeks now. Link your bank's payment app to the chip and from that moment on you no longer have to touch the pin terminal when you pay in a restaurant or shop. Are there no negative points? Yes. For me really just the housing. The device has gorilla glass on both the front and the back and is therefore quite smooth. The supplied cover is not a luxury, but does not offer much protection. A sturdy cover is recommended, especially because the phone actually consists entirely of plastic. All in all, I am very pleased with the OnePlus Nord. A fine phone with a high-end touch, good specifications, without having to make many concessions to functionality, for everyday use at an attractive price by current standards. Of course, there are cheaper phones on the market, but then you don't buy such a complete phone.

  • Maurice bouwens
  • 11 October 2020
  • In the version: Gray - 128 GB - No accessories
  • Automatically translated from Dutch