Samsung QLED 43Q64A (2021) + Soundbar

Version: 43 inches | Soundbar

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Pros and cons

According to our television expert
  • With this combination of a TV and soundbar, you can enjoy realistic images and a rich, spatial audio.
  • Thanks to the QLED panel and the 4K resolution, you enjoy sharp images with a lot of bright color tones.
  • Because of the thin Air Slim Design, the TV blends into your interior seamlessly or you can hang it close too the wall when you mount it.
  • Due to the 50Hz refresh rate, fast images aren't always shown smoothly.
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Product description

With the Samsung QLED 43Q64A (2021) and the HW-Q600A Soundbar, you can enjoy your own home cinema. Thanks to the 4K resolution of the TV, details like lashes and blades of grass are displayed clearly. In addition, the QLED screen ensures a wide color gamut and bright images, so the colors of a flower field pop off the screen. This TV also has Dual LED technology. This technique switches between two types of backlight for different color temperatures, so you experience the cold colors of the North Pole or the warm color tones of the Sahara. Thanks to the Air Slim Design, this television is about 2.6cm thick. That means you can hang it close to the wall when you mount it. You can easily adjust the height of the screen with the adjustable leg stands. That way, the soundbar in front of the TV won't block part of the screen.

The HW-Q600A Soundbar works together seamlessly with your Samsung TV. The soundbar has virtual Dolby Atmos. This technology reflects the sound to your listening position via the ceiling. As a result, it'll seem like you're right in the middle of the action of your favorite movies and series. The subwoofer produces the deepest tones, which makes the sound extra powerful. You can connect the soundbar to your TV with a wire via the HDMI connector or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Thanks to the Q-Symphony technology, the sound of the soundbar compliments the sound of the TV instead of taking over. That way, you can enjoy a richer sound reproduction.

Included by default

Samsung QLED 43Q64A (2021)

  • Manual (881.55 KB)
  • Solarcell One Remote
  • Adapter for CI+ module
  • Leg stands
  • Power cable

Samsung HW-Q600A/XN

  • Manual
  • Remote (incl. batteries)
  • HDMI cable
  • Wall mount
  • Power cable

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Samsung QLED 43Q64A (2021) + Soundbar
Samsung QLED 43Q64A (2021) + Soundbar
Included accessories
Television mount Television mount
With a TV mount, you can give a it wings and hang the TV on the wall.
Hdmi cable Hdmi cable
You can connect devices like a console with an HDMI cable.
Media player Media player
With a media player, you can stream movies, music, and photos to your TV.

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