Philips 65OLED706 - Ambilight (2021) + Soundbar + HDMI Cable

Version: 65 inches | Soundbar

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Product information

Pros and cons

According to our television expert
  • With this combination of TV and soundbar, you can create a real home cinema with lifelike images and audio.
  • Thanks to the OLED screen, you can enjoy true-to-life colors and really deep black.
  • Ambilight lights up the wall behind the TV with the colors on the screen for an immersive viewing experience.
  • The Ambilight of this TV is 3-sided, so the bottom of the TV doesn't emit any light.
  • The soundbar doesn't fit between the leg stands of the television.
Product Expert televisions

Product description

With the combination of the Philips 65OLED706 - Ambilight (2021) and the Philips B95 soundbar, you enjoy realistic images and a spatial audio. This TV has a 4K OLED screen, so millions of pixels individually produce colors, light up, or turn themselves off completely. As a result, you can watch images with a powerful contrast, see every detail in shadows, and black images are really black. For example, the moon stands out brightly against a dark starry sky. The TV simultaneously supports more than one billion colors, thanks to the 10-bit panel. This makes HDR images stand out and subtle color differences are clearly visible, such as all shades of orange in a sunset. Thanks to the 100Hz refresh rate and the smart P5 Gen5 processor, fast-moving images look extra smooth. That means you never suffer from stuttering images during Formula 1 or an exciting action movie. This processor also enhances images from a lower quality source such as Full HD content. Are you looking for a television that does more than just show images? Small lights on the back of the television illuminate the wall in the colors of the screen. This special viewing experience makes you experience your favorite content even more intensely.

With the Philips B95, you can enjoy a spatial and rich audio for your television.The soundbar supports Dolby Atmos. Since the speakers are pointed upwards, the technology reflects the sound to your listening position via the ceiling. It'll seem like the sound is coming from above. You can use the built-in Google Assistant to control the soundbar via voice commands. Say 'Hey Google, play the next song' or integrate the speakers into your smart home. This soundbar and the Philips 65OLED706 work together seamlessly when it comes to functions and design. You can easily connect the soundbar to the TV with the included BlueBuilt HDMI cable.

Included by default

Philips 65OLED706 - Ambilight (2021)

  • Manual (1.75 MB)
  • Power cable
  • Legs
  • Remote
  • AAA battery (2x)

Philips B95

  • Manual (2.6 MB)
  • Remote (including batteries)
  • Power cable

BlueBuilt HDMI 2.0b Cable Nylon 1.5m + 90° Adapter

  • Angle adapter

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Tips for using this product

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