Software problems come in different shapes and sizes. For example, does your favorite app no longer work, your keyboard doesn't appear, or do you regularly receive an error notification? These things can then be a solution.

Soft reset

It can help to soft reset the device. This is the same as a reboot. To do this, follow the next steps:

  1. Press and hold the standby button and the volume down button simultaneously.
  2. Release when the device turns off.
  3. Switch the device on again by pressing and holding the standby button.

Update smartphone

Sometimes, a function does not work because your phone doesn't have the latest software. Go through the following steps to update your device.

  1. Make sure your device is at least 60% charged. Otherwise, put the phone on the charger.
  2. Go to Settings. You can get here by tapping on the icon with the gear wheel.
  3. Scroll down and select Software update.
  4. Choose Download and Install. Your phone will now check for any new updates.
  5. Is there a new update available? Tap Install Now.

Hard reset

With a hard reset, you can reset the device to the factory settings.

  1. Make sure you've backed up your data. Otherwise, apps, data, files, and photos will be lost.
  2. Check whether your battery is at least 60% charged or connect your device to the charger.
  3. Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon.
  4. Choose General.
  5. Press Reset.
  6. Select Reset factory settings.
  7. Scroll down and tap Reset.

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