Sometimes, the problem with charging isn't due to the smartphone, but other things. We'll tell you how you can easily solve the problem yourself here.

Battery test

It's possible that certain functions won't work because the battery is no longer working. Go through the following steps to take a battery test.

  1. Download the Samsung Members app from the Google Play Store
  2. At the bottom bar in the Samsung Members App, tap Support.
  3. Choose Interactive controls.
  4. Select Battery. A battery test is now being done.
  5. Is the word 'Good' behind 'Life'? Your battery isn't the problem. In this case, try one of the solutions below. Does it say something else? The battery doesn't work properly. Send your device for repair.

Clean the USB port

It's possible that the charger can't make contact, because there's dirt in the USB port of your smartphone. First, clean your USB port. You do this by blowing hard in the port or cleaning it with compressed air. Does that not work? Carefully scrape away the dirt in the USB port with a thin object such as a toothpick.

Try another charger

It's possible that your phone is still working fine, but the charger is broken. Try charging another phone with the same charger to rule this out. Does this other phone also not charge? Your charger is defective. To be completely sure, you can also try charging your own phone with a different charger and charging cable.

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