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Oculus VR

Ever since the 1980s, virtual reality has been the ultimate goal for gamers: complete immersion into the game world and physically interacting with it. Oculus is a frontrunner that manages to get closer and closer to this ultimate goal with every new VR headset. In this article, I'll take you into the wonderful world of Oculus VR.

Oculus Go

Where gamers with a Rift or Quest choose for the ultimate game experience, the Oculus Go is made for people looking for social interaction. The Oculus Go focuses mainly on shared social spaces. In other words: doing things together in VR. For example, you can watch a movie on Netflix with other Go users, even if you're both living on a different continent. You can also enter a virtual chatroom to get to know new people through your avatar.

Oculus Rift

With the release of the Rift, Oculus entered the gaming industry with a bang. An affordable VR headset that, combined with a powerful gaming PC, gets you a VR experience like no other. It offers good graphics combined with excellent tracking of your head and hands, letting you fully immerse yourself in the virtual world of your choosing. The only thing keeping you in the real world are the cables leading to your PC.

Oculus Quest

The upcoming Oculus Quest is the second generation of gaming VR headsets. Oculus comes one step closer to the ultimate VR experience by introducing a wireless headset without external sensors. What's unique about the Quest is that the coveted six degrees of freedom aren't lost, the touch controls are fully operational, and you no longer need any external sensors in order to play games with the Oculus Quest. In short: complete immersion in your games, movies, and virtual social media.

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