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Miele TSB 143 WP + extra fragrance flacon
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You dry the laundry of 1 or 2 people in an energy-efficient manner with the Miele TSB 143 WP + extra fragrance flacon. Dryer Thanks to the PerfectDry system, the dryer stops automatically as soon as your laundry is dry. This way, you save energy and your laundry stays like new for longer. The A++ heat pump dryer has dryer cycles for bedding, jeans, and dress shirts. You can use the pre-ironing program to reduce ironing. Fragrance flacon Thanks to Miele FragranceDos, your laundry gets a fresh scent while drying. In addition to the aqua fragrance flacon that is included by default, you also get a nature flacon. You can put this in the opening at the lint trap. One FragranceDos fragrance flacon lasts about 50 cycles. Together, the bottles are good for about 100 cycles. Read the instructions on the packaging of the fragrance flacon before use. This prevents misuse and the risk of eye damage and skin irritation.

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