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Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Pacific Blue + InvisibleShield Glass Elite Screen Protector

With the Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Pacific Blue + InvisibleShield Glass Elite Screen Protector, you protect the screen from scratches and dirt. With the LiDAR scanner, you can also experience augmented reality (AR). This scanner is a 3D sensor that you use for AR games, for example. In addition to the LiDAR scanner, you'll also find 3 cameras on the back. This includes an ultra wide-angle lens to photograph wide landscapes. With the telephoto lens, you can zoom optically up to 2 times. You can store all those photos and your favorite apps on the 128GB storage memory. The 6.1-inch screen has OLED technology, which makes black tones look even better. The A14 Bionic Chip makes the device a bit faster than its predecessors. With the InvisibleShield screen protector, you protect both your screen and your eyes. That's because this screen protector filters blue light, so your eyes don't tire as much. Note: an adapter and earbuds aren't included by default. You can use your current accessories or purchase new ones separately.

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Pacific Blue
Mobile phone
InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Screenprotector
Screen protector for mobile phones

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