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MagSafe Charger Pack - Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Pacific Blue

Due to the large 6.7-inch screen, this device doesn't fit in every pocket. It's also less comfortable to operate the screen with one hand. With the MagSafe Charger Pack - Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Pacific Blue, you can charge your iPhone quickly and wirelessly via MagSafe. Thanks to 5G, you always have a stable internet connection, even in crowded areas. With 256GB, you'll have more than enough storage capacity for your photos, videos, and apps. You can experience augmented reality (AR) thanks to the LiDAR scanner. This scanner is a 3D sensor that you can use for AR games, for example. Next to the LiDAR scanner on the back, you can find 3 cameras. This includes a telephoto lens that can zoom optically up to 5 times. In addition, you can use the ultra wide-angle lens to take photos of wide landscapes or large buildings. The 6.7-inch screen has OLED technology, which makes the black levels even more intense. And the included 20W charger is powerful enough to charge your iPhone quickly via a MagSafe Charger. Note: earbuds aren't included by default. You can use your current accessories or purchase new ones separately.

Contents of this package

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Pacific Blue
Mobile phone
Apple USB-C Charger 20W
Charger adapter
Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger 15W
Wireless charger

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