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Starter Pack - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB Black 5G

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra starter pack, you can protect your new device and charge it wirelessly. With the trio charger, you can also charge a Samsung smartwatch and wireless earbuds at the same time as your device. The LED lights are integrated in the front of the included case. You'll see a pattern appear when you receive a call or a message. The S21 Ultra is the top device from the S21 series. The large 6.8-inch Quad HD screen is clear and sharp, but it's difficult to operate with one hand. The 128GB storage memory has enough space for your apps and files. In addition, you can also take clear photos and 8K videos at night with the various cameras. The large 5000mAh battery can easily last a day. Thanks to the Exynos 2100 processor and 12GB RAM, the S21 Ultra is one of the most powerful smartphones of the moment.

Contents of this package

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB Black 5G
Mobile phone
Samsung Trio Wireless Charger 9W Black
Wireless charger
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra LED View Book Case Black
Phone case

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