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10kg washing machines or more with steam function

10kg washing machines or more with steam function

  • 3 washing machines

In a washing machine with a load capacity of 10 kilograms or more, you can do laundry for several people at once. The spacious drum is suitable for households of more than 5 people. Do you want to iron less? Choose a washing machine with a steam function. The steam gently smooths your clothes and reduces wrinkles up to 30%. You can also use the steam function to freshen up a small load of laundry. That way, you can wear your favorite shirt the same evening.

Energy saving 220 euros | A energy label | RPM 1400 rpm
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Energy saving 150 euros | C energy label | RPM 1600 rpm
Retail price 969,- 699,- or 22,99 per month
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Energy saving 190 euros | B energy label | RPM 1400 rpm
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