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MIG/MAG welding machines

MIG/MAG welding machines

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With a MIG / MAG welding machine you work quickly and make high quality welded joints. The difference between MIG and MAG is in the type of gas you use: Metal Inert Gas or Metal Active Gas. Regardless of the choice of your shielding gas, the welding process is the same, which is why the 2 abbreviations are always mentioned in one breath. MIG / MAG welding is used a lot in the (metal) industry due to the high speed and the possibility of automation. Yet there are also compact MIG / MAG welding machines available that are very easy to use by the serious do-it-yourselfer.

Aluminum, CuSi3, Stainless steel, Steel | 70 A | None synergic functie
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CuSi3, Stainless steel, Steel | 160 A | Synergic functie
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Aluminum, CuSi3, Stainless steel, Steel | 60 A | None synergic functie
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Stainless steel, Steel | 110 A | None synergic functie
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Steel | 140 A | None synergic functie
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