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    “better by hand”

    Kevin Young |
    • Pluspunt:
      automated pasta
    • Minpunt:
      too quick
    • Minpunt:
      lots of pieces to clean after
    • Minpunt:
      poor quality pasta
    I bought this a month ago, and could only see positive reviews, so am probably in the minority here.
    After coming back from Italy and tasting a level of pasta that far exceeded the local supermarket offerings, I decided to make it myself, and what could be easier than a machine to do it for you!
    Unfortunately after a month of trying different variations of flour, water, egg, semolina, other ingredients, I just cannot get anywhere close to even supermarket packet standard..
    The mixing is way too quick, and very inneficient. All of the pasta guides to make it by hand say the same, lots of hard hand massaging to break the glutens etc.. This machine does not actually kneed the pasta, it just mixes it, and not very well, and way too quickly. The 10 min cycle starts spurting pasta out after a few minutes, by 7 it is nearly finished its cycle, and just doing a reverse cycle to catch bits it didn't get first time around.
    The forms given a fairly ok, but they do not deliver a constant quality pasta, but a different consistency from early to later in the cycle. The Penne is worst, as you need to try and cut them as it comes out, which doesn't really happen, and they clump together.
    Overall, i will probably go to making pasta by hand and using an old fashioned pasta roller press, as soon as I can admit to the other half that it was a bit of a dud purchase.
    anyone want a month old one for 1/2 price?

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