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Review score 3.6 van de 5 sterren
3.6 / 5 sterren

“It does the job and quietly”

G Maul | Maaioppervlakte: 800 m²
  • Pluspunt:
    Easy to program
  • Pluspunt:
  • Minpunt:
    Not enough wire
  • Minpunt:
    The cut is not as wide as the mower
I really enjoy sitting down having a drink watching 'Rover' mow the lawn - absolutely great! We do not have such a big garden but there was no where enough cable with the mower. Although I calculated the lengths you need a guide wire as well (an extra wire to guide 'him' home when he gets tired)! The lawn closest to the mower base station is quite flattened. The mower has three wheels but the back wheel is more like a ball and is fixed. So it drags this across the grass when turning left or right. Also for some reason it seems to be always fighting with it's own base (not when parking) bouncing the back end against it. Bury the wire! It cuts the grass but only seems to take the petals off buttercups and daisies.

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