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How do I choose external storage to store games?

Your game collection on your PC or console is starting to pile up, so you're looking for more storage space. But which external hard drive suits your gaming situation? Do you opt for an HDD or SSD? And what do you use for your PlayStation or Xbox? Here I'll explain what type of external storage you use for gaming.

External SSD: speed for your PC games

External SSD

Do you have a game collection of no more than 2TB? Then you choose an external SSD. This type of storage is up to 25 times faster than a 'traditional' hard drive (HDD), which means that your games load within a few seconds. In addition, an SSD is very light, compact, and shockproof, so you can easily take your games with you wherever you go. Some models even fit in your pocket.

  • Fast
  • Shockproof
  • Compact
  • Relatively expensive

External HDD for Windows: large storage capacity

External HDD hard drive for Windows

Do you have a huge game collection of more than 2TB? Or do you want to store documents, photos, and videos in addition to your large game collection? Then an external HDD is the best choice for you. You'll lose some speed, but a big advantage of an HDD is that it's relatively cheap with a lot of storage space. Choose a hard drive that's compatible with Windows, since in most cases you play games on a Windows PC.

  • Lots of storage
  • Relatively cheap
  • Can be used directly with your Windows PC
  • Relatively slow

External HDD for consoles: large storage capacity

External HDD hard drive for game console

Do you prefer consoles over PCs for gaming and the internal hard drive of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox is starting to fill up? Then choose an external HDD for consoles, in which you choose between PlayStation and Xbox. These hard drives work directly with the operating system of your console, so you get started right away. This way you don't have to remove games and you always have them at your disposal.

  • Lots of storage
  • Relatively cheap
  • Can be used directly with your Playstation 4 or Xbox
  • Relatively slow
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