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4 tips for maintaining your humidifier

To keep using your humidifier for as long as possible, it's important that you clean and descale the humidifier. This is because limescale in the water tank and the humidity filter decreases the performance of your humidifier. But how do you descale your humidifier and when should you replace the filter? In this article, we'll explain it to you.

Maintaining a humidifier

maintaining a humidifier

You want to enjoy your humidifier as long as possible without a decline in performance. We’ll give you 4 tips to maintain your humidifier as best as possible:Tip 1. Descaling with natural vinegarTip 2. Descaling with descaling agentTip 3. Using a maintenance product with silver ionsTip 4. Replacing the filters

Tip 1. Descaling with natural vinegar

descaling a humidifier
  • Empty the water tank.* Dry the interior of the water tank with a dry cloth.* Fill the water tank with natural vinegar. If you have a humidifier with a 6-liter tank, you fill the tank with 6 liters of natural vinegar.* Wait for at least 30 minutes.* Pour the vinegar out of the water tank.* Rinse the tank with water.* Fill the tank with water to use it again or dry it thoroughly if you won't be using the humidifier for a while.

Tip 2. Descaling with a descaling agent

Descaling the water tank of a humidifier
  • Check the manual of your humidifier to see if you can use a descaling agent.* Empty the water tank.* Use the descaling agent as indicated on the product.* Use a sponge to clean the borders that the descaling agent doesn’t come into contact with.* Pour the descaling agent out of the water tank.* Fill the tank with water to use it again or dry it thoroughly if you won't be using the humidifier for a while.

Tip 3. Using a maintenance product with silver ions

Ionic cube

Bacteria in stagnant water can cause your humidifier to smell. To prevent this, there are various maintenance products with silver ions. The silver ions reduce bacteria growth and keep the humidifier smelling fresh. When choosing a maintenance product, make sure to check if it’s suitable for your humidifier.

Tip 4. Replacing the filters

Replacing a humidifier filter

Cool mist humidifiers use a filter to humidify the air. Bacteria and limescale get lodged in the humidifier filter. As a result, your humidifier will perform less well after a while. Do you use the humidifier daily? In that case, it’s useful to replace the filter every 3 months. If you use the humidifier less often, it’s best to replace it at least once a year.

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