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Expert review of Super Mario Odyssey

Since the giants of the Mario games, Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, it has been quiet for a while around full-fledged Mario games. Paper Mario has kept us sweet, but it was really time to once again dive into an open world gem. Is Super Mario Odyssey this pearl? I've sorted it out for you.

Super Mario Odyssey

  • Super Mario Odyssey feels just like before.
  • Colorful, varied worlds and puzzles.
  • Cappy adds a lot of new gampeplay possibilities.
  • The game may be a bit more challenging for adults.
  • The motion controls are fun, but awkward if you do not play at home.



I came into contact with Mario from a young age. Playing with my parents on the oldskool gray Gameboy until after school the whole afternoon with friends playing Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64, Mario is for me and many people the synonym for games. As soon as I pulled Odyssey out of the packaging and put it in my Switch, that familiar feeling came back. Just the way Mario runs through the world and the controls of the game feel a smile on my face.

Colorful game worlds

Colorful game worlds

Where Mario used to be colorful, it was often not one of Mother's finest games. Especially for a PC gamer like me, graphics are something I value when playing a game. At Super Mario Odyssey these doubts are no longer there. The colors jump off the screen, the graphics are sharp and have their own typical Mario style.


Despite the relatively low resolution, the game looks great on the Switch screen. Also on my big TV there is little to complain about on a few edges. With the Odyssey spaceship you travel along the different worlds, each with its own style and personality. This keeps the gameplay fresh, especially because also the old 2D worlds of Mario are not forgotten, although you come across these regularly and with new elements.



First of all, youy, how smoothly this game runs. Whether you play in handheld mode or Mario jumps through the picture on the big screen in the living room, it all feels right. As an N64 veteran, the old techniques quickly come up again, so that I move through the game world like a raging one. The motion controls are fun, but especially for the kids. I mainly play on the road and then the swinging with the joy-cons is not so convenient.

New mechanics

In addition to mario his own antics, I am also very happy with the extra possibilities that Mario's new buddy Cappy brings with him. Thanks to Cappy, you temporarily take over creatures in the world, which brings the necessary benefits. So you take a frog to jump even higher or even a sleeping T-rex, which eats your enemies and pounds through rocks and walls. And then all beings get a nice Mario mustache too.


Super Mario Odyssey fills the shoes of his predecessors. The game breathes the same freedom as Mario on the Nintendo 64 of the past. This starts with the animations and colorful worlds, but continues in the creativity and liveliness of the game. The game is worth playing for young and old, as experienced gamers will find the game a little easier now and then. In any case, I am well entertained and can not wait to continue playing after writing this review.

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