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How do you ensure that your coffee tastes less sour or bitter?

Your coffee tastes too sour or too bitter, and this isn't what you want. It could be because the grind size isn't set correctly or because the interior of the machine is dirty. In this article, we'll give you a number of solutions that you can easily apply at home. This way, you ensure that your cup of coffee tastes delicious.

Fix coffee that is too sour or bitter

Put the beans into the machine

Follow the steps below if your coffee tastes too sour or too bitter. Note: sometimes one of the solutions is already sufficient to improve the taste.

  • Step 1. Adjust the grind size
  • Step 2. Adjust the amount of water per cup
  • Step 3. Use fresh water
  • Step 4. Clean the machine
  • Step 5. Choose other beans

Step 1: Adjust the grind size

Adjust grind size

Is your coffee too sour? Set the machine to a finer grind. You do this by setting a smaller grind size. Go from level 5 to 4, for example. Only do this during grinding and adjust one unit at a time.

Is your coffee too bitter? Make sure your machine uses a coarser grind. You do this by setting a larger grind size. Go from level 5 to 6, for example. Adjust one unit at a time and only do this during grinding.

Step 2: adjust the amount of water per cup

Adjust water volume

Does your coffee still taste too sour? Set a smaller amount of water per cup.

Is the coffee still too bitter? Follow the steps below to fix this.

Step 3: use fresh water

Clean water from machine

Make sure you pour fresh water into the machine every day. This prevents the water from having a negative impact on the taste of your coffee.

Step 4: clean the machine

Brew group

Old coffee residues cause a bitter coffee taste. Make sure you clean the brew group at least every 2 weeks. Also clean the space that you remove the brew group from. This is where a lot of coffee residue builds up.

Step 5: choose other beans

Every type of coffee bean has its own taste. One bean simply tastes more bitter or sour than another. Try out different kinds of beans to find out which ones you like best. Don't like bitter coffee? Choose lightly roasted beans. The darker the beans are roasted, the more bitter the coffee. Think the coffee is too sour? Choose darkly roasted beans.

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