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How do you heat up coal fastest?

Barbecuing is not something you do in between. If you want to get the most out of your barbecue, take your time. Do you have little time or are you an impatient type? Here you get 3 tips to get your charcoal bbq warm as quickly as possible. Then promise to take more time next time!

1. Use a charcoal starter

Briquette Starter

The answer to the question of how to get your coal hot the fastest is very simple. Namely by using a briquette starter. Fill the starter with charcoal or briquettes and within 30 minutes your barbecue is ready for use.

2. Consider using charcoal


Charcoal reaches temperatures faster than briquettes. Consider also using charcoal as fuel for lightning your bbq. It is true that charcoal also cools down faster than briquettes. Would you prefer to continue grilling for a little longer? Then combine charcoal with briquettes. That way you have the best of both worlds. The charcoal ensures that the barbecue is quickly hot and the briquettes ensure a more long-lasting nature of your barbecue.

3. Does your barbecue with lid have ventilation holes?

Air vent

I do not want to blame your barbecue, but maybe I'll do it anyway. If your charcoal barbecue with lid has no ventilation holes, the coals become hot less quickly. The more air you get with burning coal or briquettes, the faster and higher the temperature rises. If you have ventilation grills on your bbq, always ensure that all ventilation holes are completely open while lighting your charcoal barbecue.


Your charcoal barbecue is the fastest when you use a briquette starter. Do you really want to go for a quick barbecue session? Then charcoal is the fuel to get your barbecue hot the fastest. Then it is a matter of fully opening the ventilation holes on your bbq and that coal can no longer be kept. Keep in mind 30 minutes warm-up time. This is the shortest time to light your charcoal barbecue in a safe way.

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