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How do I register an extra handset to my Gigaset?

You already own a number of Gigaset devices, but you still want another handset in your house. That's not a problem, of course. You can find out how to register an extra handset to your base station here.

Important in advance


Not all Gigasets can be expanded with the same number of handsets. Some base stations can only be expanded with a maximum of 4 handsets, others with 6. To find out the maximum number of handsets that can be registered to a base station, view the manual. The information can be found under 'Multiple handsets'.

Registering an extra handset


Registering an extra handset has to be done on both the base station as well as the handset. The registration procedure has to be started on the base station by pushing the 'register/paging button'. The location of this button varies for each device. If you have a device with an answering machine, you can find the register key among the other keys. For a device without an answering machine, the register key can be found at the top of the base station. If you're wondering where the button is exactly, have a look at the manual.

On the handset. The registration procedure has to be started on the handset, too. The way this works differs per device. For older Gigasets, you should take the following steps: Menu> Settings> Handset> Register handset. You'll be asked for a PIN code. If the PIN code wasn't changed before, it's 0000 by default. If you managed, you should see 'Register' on the display. Registering takes about 1 minute. Once the registration is complete. you'll see 'HS registered' on the display.

Note: the registration procedure on the base station and handset both need to start within 60 seconds. If this takes longer than 60 seconds, the procedure has to be restarted.

Can I only use another Gigaset to expand my Gigasets?


No, not at all. You can expand your Gigaset with other Gigaset devices, but also with devices by other brands, on the condition that the device is GAP compatible. GAP is short for General Access Profile and ensures all devices can 'communicate' with each other. Almost all DECT devices nowadays are GAP compatible. Does this mean it doesn't matter whether you go for Gigaset or a different brand? Yes, a little. If you expand your current set by Gigaset with another Gigaset device, chances are that more functions will be supported, such as internal call forwarding or shared contacts. When connecting a device from a different brand, the only certainty you'll have is that you can call and be called.

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