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How do I find out which iMac I use?

In order to upgrade your iMac's RAM, you first have to buy the right type of memory. The exact type of internal memory you need to use to upgrade your iMac depends on the type of iMac you own. I'll explain how to find out what memory your iMac uses.

Via the computer

Step 1

In most versions of macOS, you can find out the exact version of your Mac easily in the following way:

  1. Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Click 'About this Mac'.
  3. The window that appears now displays the period when your iMac was launched (Late 2015 for example).
  4. Select this Mac on the page below and buy the right RAM.

On the iMac itself

Step 2

If you can't find the option 'About this Mac' on your computer, you can find the exact model number on your iMac itself. Unplug the computer and remove all the other cables too. Now, lay down your iMac's screen on a soft towel for instance. On the bottom of the stand, you can find the model number (MK142xx/A for example). Using this information, you can easily find out when your iMac was made.

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