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McCulloch chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws

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You can't go wrong with a McCulloch chainsaw. That is because McCulloch doesn't do low power, they only have powerhouses in their assortment. You should know that there are different types of propulsion, namely gasoline or electricity. A McColloch gasoline chainsaw is very powerful, but this saw requires more maintenance than a chainsaw that runs on electricity. This type of propulsion does offer more freedom of movement, because you're not restricted by a power socket. On the other hand, a McCulloch electric chainsaw is less powerful than the chainsaws that run on gasoline, but it is easier to maintain.

Propulsion electric | Bar length 40 cm | 2000 W power
Delivered tomorrow
Propulsion electric | Bar length 35 cm | 1900 W power
Delivered tomorrow
Propulsion gasoline | Bar length 35 cm | 1400 W power
Temporarily sold out

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