Bosch Sawing station PLS 300

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Make sawing easy with the Bosch Sawing station PLS 300. With this saw table you can effortlessly saw level, in a corner or miter. And because the different parts can be (dis) mounted separately, you can easily saw materials of different sizes. So if you want to see some parquet or laminate made to measure, then you just do that with the Bosch Sawing station PLS 300. Or do you have to cut a plinth downwards? That too is not a point with this saw table. Just like cutting planks or metal tubes obliquely. You set the cutting angle of the PLS 300 between -45 degrees and +45 degrees. And even if you have to cut a recess in parquet - for example because there is a heating pipe in the way - you have a good to the enormously steadfast PLS 300. So you have a green Bosch jigsaw, make it a golden combination with the Bosch Sawing station PLS 300.



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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

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