Red Stereo VideoMic

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Pickup in one of our 8 Coolblue stores?

Key specs

Application microphone
Broadcast, Filming with SLR/CSC, Locatie
Microphone model
Directional characteristic
Type of microphone connection
3.5mm jack
Microphone sensitivity
-38 dB

The Rode Stereo VideoMic is the right choice for the filmmaker who strives for the most truthful recording of sound on the set. The stereo X / Y configuration of the Rode Stereo VideoMic allows you to capture the true ambiance of the recording room. This happens without sound coming from behind the microphone. And with the frequency range between 40 Hz and 20 kHz, the Rode Stereo VideoMic is ready for any situation. In addition, it has a switchable low-cut filter (80 Hz) to attenuate the low frequencies from the signal. This is very useful when recording noise in situations where, for example, traffic or large machines produce a low noise.

Sturdy footwear

To prevent undesired sound from reaching the recording through the housing Red has suspended the microphone capsule from the frame by means of rubber rings. And because a hot-shoe adapter is not missing, you always have the microphone where you need it. There is also the possibility to attach the Red Stereo VideoMic to a boom pole. All this makes the Rode Stereo VideoMic an extremely user-friendly product.

Power supply

The Rode VideoMic has a standard stereo mini jack output and an accessory shoe adapter, which allows it to be used on a large number of cameras. He gets the power from a 9V battery. This allows you to continue filming for about 60 hours.

Included by default

  • Wind cover (Deadkitten)

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