Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

With this Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter, you can watch content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a Lightning connector on your television. Connect an external screen with an HDMI input, such as an external screen, your television, or a beamer. The only thing you need apart from this adapter is an HDMI cable. This isn't included.

This adapter is also suitable for video output. This means that you can also watch movies, series, and homemade video material in up to 1080p HD on an HDMI screen. What do you have to do for this? Connect this adapter to the lightning input of your iPhone or iPad and connect the (not included) HDMI cable to the HDMI input of your screen.

Did you think this was it? You're wrong. Use the Lightning connector of this adapter to simultaneously charge your iPhone and iPhone while they're connected to an HDMI screen. The only thing you need for this is your own Lightning cable.

This is an original Apple accessory.

    Suitable for:
  • iPhone with lightning connector (starting from the iPhone 5)
  • iPad with lightning connector (starting from the iPad Air)
  • iPod Touch with lightning connector

    Available inputs:
  • Lightning connector (2x): to charge your iPhone or iPad
  • HDMI: to connect an external screen, TV, or beamer with HDMI input

Recommended combination

  • 2x Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

    • Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter
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