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Price 1.049,- 1.269,- 1.059,- 779,- 899,-
Optical zoom 10 10 20 10 20
Screen size 3 inches 3,5 inches 3 inches 3 inches 3,5 inches
Type of image definition support Full HD (1080p) Full HD (1080p), HD ready (720p) Full HD (1080p), HD ready (720p), Ultra HD (4K) 4K Cinema, Full HD (1080p) Full HD (1080p), HD ready (720p), SXGA+

Product information

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Optical zoom
Created with Sketch. Image stabilization
Created with Sketch. Screen size
3 inches
Created with Sketch. Type of image definition support
Full HD (1080p)
Created with Sketch. Integrated WiFi

Pros and cons

According to our camcorder expert
  • Pros:
    The HM70E has a dual battery space, which makes it possible to switch batteries while the recording continues.
  • Pros:
    The JVC GY-HM70E has 2 card slots for simultaneous recording or seamless continuous recording.
  • Pros:
    With slow motion recording, you film in 300 fps, after which it can be played back in slow motion in 720x576.
  • Con:
    The audio is recorded with a 3.5mm mic jack connector. This is of a lesser reliable quality than a, for pro, more standard External Line Return (XLR) connector.
Product Expert camcorders

Note: the JVC GY-HM70E HD doesn't include a microphone.

The JVC GY-HM70E HD is a shoulder camera that really looks the part. With this professional video camera on your shoulder, everyone will give you room to film. It has a 29.5mm wide-angle lens with 10x optical zoom, a range that is kept stable by the optical image stabilization. The lens has an diaphragm of f/1.2-2.8mm, which gives you, even when you completely zoom in, a large aperture. Thanks to the light-sensitive Back Side Illuminated (BSI) Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) sensor, it's possible to film in a minimum exposure of 1 lux (equivalent to a night with full moon). The JVC GY-HM70E HD has a dual card slot and a dual battery system. This makes the camcorder ideal for long recording days full of important moments.

Included by default

  • AC adapter (AP-V20)
  • Battery (BN-VF823)
  • Composite video/audio cable (RCA X 3)
  • USB cable

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