Dali SUB E-9F Black

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Only 1 left in stock, order now

Product information

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Frequency range
40 - 120 Hz
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Created with Sketch. Speaker sensitivity
109 dB

Pros and cons

According to our subwoofer expert
  • Pros:
    Bass port at the bottom for placement against the wall.
  • Pros:
    Maximum power of 220 watts.
  • Pros:
    Front is easily detached because of magnetic attachment.
  • Con:
    Not magnetically shielded; this can interfere with electrical appliances in the area.
Product Expert subwoofers

The Dali SUB E-9 F is an active subwoofer that matches the design of the Dali Zensor series of speakers. The SUB E-9 F has an aluminum woofer that can move enough air to produce a nice deep bass. The bass port is at the bottom of the SUB E-9 F, allowing the subwoofer to be placed directly against the wall.

Included by default

  • User manual

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Dali SUB E-9F Black
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