Inventum IMC6032F

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Product information

Key specs

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Combi microwave
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32 l
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1000 W
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Pros and cons

According to our microwave expert
  • Pros:
    This combi microwave has a pizza setting, so you can easily make a pizza with a crispy bottom.
  • Pros:
    Select the weight and type of dish, and the automatic program will set the right time and preparation method.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the power of 1000 watts, your meal heats up very quickly.
  • Con:
    It isn't possible to disable the turntable, so you're limited to using oven dishes that can turn.
Product Expert microwaves

The Inventum IMC6032F is a combi microwave with a capacity of 32 liters. This makes it suitable for all medium-sized dishes, such as a standard microwave meal. In addition to the 5 microwave settings, there are 4 combination settings (with grill and oven) and 10 automatic cooking settings. You can easily set the preparation time with the timer, so your dish will never fail again.

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