Ranex Carlo Solar Ground Spot Round

Ranex Carlo Solar Ground Spot Round
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Pros and cons

According to our outdoor lighting expert
  • Pros:
    The spotlight is solar powered, so there are no additional energy costs.
  • Pros:
    You place the spot in a hard or soft ground.
  • Con:
    The lamp's light output is reduced on cloudy and/or darker days.
Product Expert outdoor lighting

The Ranex Carlo Ground spot is a strong, energy-efficient spotlight that illuminates driveways and garden paths. You place it in the ground at any desired location. The spot works on solar energy, so you won't have any hassle with cables and electricity. During the day, the energy is stored, so that you'll have 5 to 8 hours of lighting in the evening. The Carlo Ground spot is equipped with a dusk sensor, which means that it only lights up at night. That way, you won't waste any energy during the day. The spotlight is made of stainless steel and glass, which gives it a modern appearance.

Included by default

  • 0.12-watt integrated LED lamp
  • Batteries
  • Manual

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