Audiosonic CL-1492

Pros and cons

According to our alarm clock expert
  • Pros:
    By projecting the time on the wall you can easily see what time it is.
  • Pros:
    You can set 2 alarm times, 1 for yourself and 1 for your partner, for example.
  • Pros:
    Place a 3V CR2032 battery in the alarm clock as a backup, so your settings are saved in the event of a power failure.
  • Con:
    A battery for the backup function is not included.
Product Expert alarm clocks

With the Audiosonic CL-1492, you'll never be late again. You'll wake up to the buzzer and then switch on the radio for the hits from your favorite radio station. If you want to see the time from every corner of your bed, switch on the projection. Focus the light beam in the desired direction and you can tell the time on the wall or on the ceiling. You don't need to manually set the Audiosonic CL-1492 alarm every day. You can, for example, choose a fixed alarm time from Monday to Friday and set an alarm for the weekend that goes off a bit later, so you can sleep in.

Included by default

  • Manual

Recommended combinations

  • Aangeraden door onze specialist

    Sleeping through your alarm is a thing of the past. Plug in your alarm clock right away with an extra power strip.

    Audiosonic CL-1492 + Stekkerdoos

    • Audiosonic CL-1492
    € 54,98€ 52,98
    8% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • Audiosonic CL-1492 + Smartphone charger

    • Audiosonic CL-1492
    € 49,98€ 48,98
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • Audiosonic CL-1492 + Night Light

    • Audiosonic CL-1492
    € 52,98€ 51,83
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • 2x Audiosonic CL-1492

    • Audiosonic CL-1492
    € 59,98€ 58,48
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow



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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

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