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Product information

Key specs

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Solo microwave
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25 l
Created with Sketch. Microwave power
900 W
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Pros and cons

According to our microwave expert
  • Pros:
    Select the weight and the type of dish, and the automatic program will set the right time and preparation method.
  • Con:
    Without interior lighting, you're less able to oversee the preparation of the dish.

The ETNA SM125RVS is easy to set, thanks to the 8 automatic programs. You only have to indicate what you're preparing and what the weight of your meal is; the microwave selects the corresponding power level and preparation time. When you know exactly what the best setting is to warm up your meal, you simply choose the setting yourself. For defrosting food, the microwave has 2 defrosting settings. This lets you defrost your bread for breakfast for example, or the burgers for dinner.

Included by default

Protect your microwave

You can select the Backup Plan below in your shopping cart. It will protect your brand new microwave against damage.


Etna: 3 years extra warranty

Etna: 3 years extra warranty
Get 3 years additional warranty on your new Etna appliance. With this extra warranty,...
Get 3 years additional warranty on your new Etna appliance. With this extra warranty, the standard warranty of 2 years is extended to 5 years. Register your Etna product within 30 days after purchase on Etna's service page and enjoy your purchase without a care in the world.