Tractive GPS Pet Locator

Pros and cons

According to our GPS tracker expert
  • Pros:
    The GPS tracker is very small, so the pet won't notice the device.
  • Pros:
    Suitable for holidays, because the GPS tracker works in 80 countries.
  • Pros:
    The tracker can be used immediately after activation.
  • Con:
    There are costs for sending data: if you don't pay the separate service costs, the tracker doesn't work.
  • Con:
    The tracker only works for an animal weighing 4.5kg or more, making it unsuitable for the average cat.
Product Expert GPS trackers

Do you have a dog or horse that likes to make a run for it? Then the Tractive GPS Pet Locator offers a solution. With this useful GPS tracker, you can always see where your pet is, quickly and easily. Check the location of your pet on your phone at any time, using the free app. You can also set up a Safe Zone. As soon as your pet leaves this safe zone, you'll immediately receive a warning from your smartphone. The GPS signal works in more than 80 countries, so the tracker also comes in handy at your holiday destination.

Monthly Service starting at € 3.75 (2 years, national) up to € 4,99 (1 year, international). Tractive uses GPS and communicates via mobile phone towers, enabling you to follow your pet 24/7. Since the use of the mobile phone towers and infrastructure incurs costs, Tractive is forced to charge a small service cost every month for the use of Tractive. These monthly costs range from a minimum of € 3.75 to a maximum of € 4.99, depending on the activation options you've chosen (1 or 2 years, only national or international).

Included by default

  • Tractive GPS Pet Tracking Device.
  • 2x clip for collar
  • Tractive AC adapter
  • USB cable with charger function clamp
  • Manual


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