TomTom Curfer

Pros and cons

According to our GPS logger expert
  • Pros:
    You get a unique view of your driving behavior and how you can improve that.
  • Pros:
    By connecting with your car you get insight in the performance of your car.
  • Pros:
    You can compare your driving behavior with that of your friends.
  • Con:
    You must be in possession of a car with an ODB port.
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Would you like to improve your driving style? The TomTom Curfer provides you with current feedback about your driving style during and after driving. You will receive tips to make you safer in traffic and you will receive an accurate overview of your braking, steering and acceleration behavior. You can compare all this via social media with your friends. With the Curfer you not only become a better driver, but you also get an idea of ¿¿the performance of your car. Because the Curfer measures the oil pressure, engine load, and battery voltage of your car. All you have to do is install the app on your phone and plug the TomTom Curfer into the ODB port of your car and the Curfer is ready for use.

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Manufacturer code
2 years
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Carry-in warranty

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