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Product information

Key specs

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Created with Sketch. Oven/microwave type
Combi microwave
Created with Sketch. Capacity
39 l
Created with Sketch. Microwave power
1100 W
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Pros and cons

According to our microwave expert
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the charcoal heat element, your steak will be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside
  • Pros:
    The crisp function ensures your chicken or oven fries will be crispy on all sides.
  • Pros:
    This combi microwave heats your meals evenly,thanks to the inverter technology, so the bottom of your lasagna won't cool down as quickly.
  • Con:
    Due to its large size, the microwave takes up a lot of space on the countertop, so make sure it fits.
Product Expert microwaves

With the automatic programs of the LG MJ3965BIB, you no longer have to think about the correct wattage and preparation time. You put your food in it, choose the automatic program, and the microwave does the rest. The microwave has a capacity of 1100 watts and a capacity of 39 liters. This makes it suitable for heating and preparing larger dishes. The inverter technology heats your entire dish thoroughly. That means you don't have any frozen parts in the middle of your defrosted chicken. You simply select the wattage or the automatic programs with the dial. Want to clean the microwave? That's quick and easy with the hygienic EasyClean coating on the inside.

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