Coolblue A5 Notebook

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Pros and cons

According to our Coolblue's must-have expert
  • Pros:
    Your doodles will look professional.
  • Pros:
    It's not ugly, so you won't be embarrassed.
  • Pros:
    200 pages, so it can easily fit 104,873 characters.
  • Con:
    No touchscreen.
  • Con:
    If you lose it, it might cost you a Tamagotchi. Or a light saber.
  • Con:
    It's almost a waste to write in it.

Product description

Here's a familiar scene: you're in a meeting and want to write down a brilliant idea. Then you realize that you didn't bring a notebook, since it doesn't fit in your bag. Or because it looks so boring that it's kind of embarrassing. Of course, nowadays you can just do it digitally on your phone to always stay connected, but drawing a Dragon Ball Z picture is a different story. This notebook is the perfect tool for that. It's easy to carry, beautifully blue, features a storage compartment for important papers, and it's got lots of room for notes. Or drawings.



Product number
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

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