Samsung WD70K5B00OW AddWash - 7/5kg

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Key specs

Load capacity
7 kg
Maximum load capacity, drying
5 kg
Spinning noise level
73 dB
Revolutions per minute (RPM)
1400 rpm
Washing quality

Pros and cons

According to our washer dryer combo expert
  • Pros:
    With AddWash, you can easily add extra laundry during the washing process.
  • Pros:
    Is relatively silent during spinning with a noise level of 73 decibels.
  • Pros:
    Use Air Wash to freshen up your clothes with hot air within thirty minutes.
  • Con:
    The detergent isn't dosed automatically, so you need to carefully measure how much you need.
  • Con:
    It doesn't have a steaming function to smoothen the laundry in the drum.
Product Expert washer-dryer combos

With the Samsung WD70K5B00OW AddWash, you can add a forgotten sock even when the washing cycle is already running. You simply open the extra door in the washer's door, which easily fits jeans or extra wool sweaters, in addition to socks. The washer dryer combo has a load capacity of 7 kilograms for washing and 5 kilograms for drying. This is plenty for a household of 1 or 2 people. Do you prefer energy-efficient washing at low temperatures? With EcoBubble technology, foam bubbles penetrate the clothing fibers. This means your laundry will be perfectly clean, even in cold, 15-degree water. Went to a party and your wool coat is a little stuffy? With Air Wash, you can easily freshen up clothes with air within thirty minutes.

Included by default

  • Manual
  • Inlet hose 1.5m
  • Drain hose 1m

Recommended combinations

  • Samsung WD70K5B00OW AddWash - 7/5kg + Drying rack

    • Samsung WD70K5B00OW AddWash - 7/5kg
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Rating per section

User friendliness
Review score 5 out of 5 stars
Drying performance
Review score 4.5 out of 5 stars