Soehnle Shape sense connect 200

Soehnle Shape sense connect 200

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Product information

Key specs

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Created with Sketch. Measurement fat percentage
Created with Sketch. Muscle mass measurement
Created with Sketch. BMI reading
Created with Sketch. Water weight measurement

Pros and cons

According to our personal scale expert
  • Pros:
    In addition to your body fat percentage and BMI, the scale also measures your muscle mass, and hydration level.
  • Pros:
    The scale also measures how many calories you need per day.
  • Pros:
    Using the Web Connect app for your smartphone, you can review your measurement results and determine your personal goal.
  • Con:
    The scale doesn't measure your bone mass or your stomach fat.
  • Con:
    Using a scale with body analysis may lead to health risks for certain people. Before use, check the manual to see whether the scale is suitable for you.
Product Expert personal scale

The Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 200 doesn't just measure your weight, but also does a body analysis. The personal scale measures your BMI, body fat, hydration level, and muscle mass. The scale also calculates the number of calories you need on days you don't work out. The scale can weigh up to 200kg, making the scale very suitable for people whose goal it is to lose weight. You can easily review your measurement results on the Web Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. That way, you'll always be up to date on your health goal.

Note: using a scale with body analysis may lead to health risks for certain people such as pregnant women, children, or people that use medical electronic devices. Before use, check the manual for the safety measures and to see whether the scale is suitable for you.

Included by default

  • Manual
  • 1x CR2430 battery



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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

Physical properties

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Created with Sketch. Depth
33,5 cm
Created with Sketch. Height
3,8 cm
Created with Sketch. Width
39 cm
Created with Sketch. Weight
2,4 kg
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Created with Sketch. Anti-slip surface

Power supply

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