Nilfisk C 135.1-8 HOME

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Nilfisk C 135.1-8 HOME
Nilfisk C135.1-8 i X-TRA
Nilfisk C 135.1-8 PAD(8)
Nilfisk C-PG 135.1-8 PAD X-TRA
Nilfisk C135.1-8 i PAD X-TRA
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Limited supply, order now

Product information

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Power source
Created with Sketch. Operating pressure
135 bar
Created with Sketch. Cleaning job
Bicycle, Car, Fence, Garden furniture, Garden tools, Motorcycle, Patio
Created with Sketch. Frequency of use
Created with Sketch. Length of high-pressure hose
8 m

Pros and cons

According to our high-pressure cleaner expert
  • Pros:
    Perform different cleaning jobs with the included patio cleaner, rotary nozzle, washing brush, and water filter.
  • Pros:
    The adjustable water pressure makes sure that you can adjust the water pressure to match the cleaning job.
  • Pros:
    You have an above-average range, thanks to the 8-meter hose.
  • Con:
    The high-pressure cleaner doesn't include a sewer hose.
Product Expert high-pressure cleaners

The Nilfisk C 135.1-8 HOME is an 1800-watt high-pressure cleaner that you can use for various cleaning jobs. With a pressure of 135 bar and a water yield of 520 liters per hour, you can effortlessly clean all sorts of surfaces. If you're looking to clean large surfaces, such as your patio, use the patio cleaner. The rotary nozzle will come in handy for heavy-duty work, and the washing brush is useful if you want to clean you vehicles without scratching them. You'll benefit from an adjustable water pressure, and you can reduce the strain on the motor thanks to the automatic start/stop system. As a finishing touch, the C 135.1-8 HOME also has a hose reel, so when you're working with this high-pressure cleaner, you'll never have to worry about a kinked or twisted hose.

A garden hose isn't included. This high-pressure cleaner requires a garden hose with a diameter of 13 millimeters (1/2 inch) and a length between 1.5 and 50 meters.

Included by default

  • Manual (21.78 MB)
  • High-pressure gun
  • High-pressure hose 8 meters
  • Lance
  • Tornado nozzle
  • Rotary nozzle
  • Foam bottle
  • Patio compact
  • Washing brush


Price 185,99 213,-
Cleaning job Bicycle, Car, Fence, Garden furniture, Garden tools, Motorcycle, Patio Bicycle, Car, Fence, Garden furniture, Garden tools, Motorcycle, Patio, Sewer and downspout
Power source Electric Electric
Operating pressure 135 bar 135 bar

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Nilfisk C 135.1-8 HOME
Nilfisk C 135.1-8 HOME
Included accessories
Schoonmaakmiddel voor hogedrukreinigers
Schoonmaakmiddel voor hogedrukreinigers
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Garden hose
Garden hose
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Washing brush
Washing brush
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