HP Tilt Pen

Use your tablet, smartphone, or laptop with touchscreen in a creative way with the HP Tilt Pen. The pen is pressure-sensitive, and can be used in different angles to work more precisely. It's therefore suitable to make notes or to draw digitally. Thanks to the presentation mode, you can turn the stylus into a helpful pointer when giving demonstrations. In this way, you can flip through the slides of your presentation, and you can point out the highlights on the screen. You can charge the stylus using the USB-C connector on your laptop or tablet, or a plugged-in adapter. In this way, you won't ever have to change its battery.

Note: this stylus is especially suitable for ENVY 17-aexxx, ENVY x2 12-e0xx, ENVY x2 12-g0xx, ENVY x360 15-bp0xx, ENVY x360 15-bp1xx, ENVY x360 15m-bp1xx, ENVY x360 15-bq0xx, ENVY x360 15-bq1xx, Pavilion x360 11m-ad0xx, 11-ad0xx, Pavilion x360 14m-ba0xx, 14-ba0xx, Pavilion x360 15-br0xx, Spectre x2 12-c0xx, Spectre x360 13-ac0xx, Spectre x360 13-ae0xx, Spectre x360 15-blxxx, Spectre x360 15-ch0xx.

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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

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