Panasonic NN-DS596MEPG

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Limited supply, order now
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Product information

Key specs

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Combi microwave
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27 l
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1000 W
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Pros and cons

According to our microwave expert
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the water reservoir, you don't need a steam tray for steaming vegetables or fish.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the inverter technology, your meal heats up evenly, so the bottom of your lasagna won't cool down as quickly.
  • Pros:
    The microwave heats your dish evenly without a turntable, which means there's also room for rectangular casseroles.
  • Con:
    Due to its large size, the microwave takes up a lot of space on the countertop, so make sure it fits.
Product Expert microwaves

The Panasonic NN-DS596MEPG combi microwave gives you many different preparation options. You can steam a healthy meal by hanging the Panacrunch pan high in the microwave and selecting the steam function. The water in the boiler will reach the oven's top part as steam, so your dish will retain its flavors and vitamins. You can also bake a tasty, not-so-healthy cake with upper and lower heat. Want to prepare a crispy piece of chicken? The excess fat will drain through the grooves on the Panacrunch pan, so the fat won't make the chicken soggy. The microwave uses inverter technology to heat dishes. This means it constantly spreads microwaves instead of intermittently. As a result, your meal will be heated up quickly and evenly.

Included by default

  • Manual
  • Panacrunch pan