Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 White

Coolblue's Choice

Our choice for a top-notch subwoofer

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Limited supply, order now
Limited supply, order now

Product information

Coolblue's Choice

This product is our choice for a top-notch subwoofer.
Coolblue's Choice

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Frequency range
20 - 140 Hz
Created with Sketch. Speaker audio crossover
Created with Sketch. Speaker sensitivity
90 dB

Pros and cons

According to our subwoofer expert
  • Pros:
    With the Bass Extension switch, you determine how heavy the bass sounds.
  • Pros:
    Due to the sensitivity of 90 dB, the speaker easily produces a high volume.
  • Con:
    No audio cables are included with this subwoofer.
Product Expert subwoofers

With the Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 you determine how heavy the bass sounds. This active subwoofer has a Bass Extension switch that lets you adjust the bass level. Choose a heavy, medium or subtle bass response. Whichever mode you choose, the bass sounds deep and clear thanks to the 250 mm driver that is capable of moving a lot of air. To prevent distortion in the sound, place the subwoofer on the included spikes.

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