Inventum IMC6125F

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Limited supply, order now
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Product information

Key specs

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Combi microwave
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25 l
Created with Sketch. Microwave power
900 W
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Pros and cons

According to our microwave expert
  • Pros:
    Select the weight and the type of dish, and the automatic program will set the right time and preparation method.
  • Con:
    It isn't possible to disable the turntable, so you're limited to using oven dishes that can turn.

The Inventum IMC6125F is a built-in combi microwave with 10 automatic programs. You only have to set the type of dish and the weight. You can prepare vegetables, potatoes, and even a homemade apple pie in the exact right way. Is your dish not listed? Choose the fan or grill function and combine it with the microwave function. Plenty of options. You can easily prepare frozen leftovers with the defrost function.

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Current product
Price 245,- 279,- 354,-
Capacity 25 l 32 l 32 l
Microwave power 900 W 1000 W 1000 W
Preparation quality Mid-range Basic Basic

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Inventum IMC6125F