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How do I choose a fondue set?

There are different types of fondue sets for different ingredients. Which fondue set suits you best depends on a number of things. On this page we help you choose the right fondue set.

In short

Because there are different types of fondue sets, it is important to first determine whether you prefer fondue with cheese, bouillion or chocolate. Some fondue sets are suitable for several forms of fondue, but remember that a fondue set is always the most suitable for one type of fondue. In most cases this depends on the material of the fondue set:

Material fondue set

  • A pottery fondue set is especially suitable for cheese and chocolate fondue.

  • A fondue set of stainless steel or cast iron is especially suitable for meat and Chinese fondue.

What are the differences between the types of fondue sets?

Cheese fondue

With a cheese fondue set, you dip ingredients into melted cheese. A traditional cheese fondue set is made from earthenware that reacts directly to raising or lowering the temperature. Also, the cheese does not get a chance to eat. Most cheese fondue sets are also suitable for chocolate fondue.

Meat fondue

With meat fondue you dip small pieces of meat into stock, so that the meat cooks through. Because this can sometimes splash, a meat fondue set often has an anti-splash screen. A typical meat fondue set is made of stainless steel or cast iron, a material that retains heat perfectly. Some meat fondue sets are also suitable for chocolate fondue.

Chinese fondue

A Chinese fondue set, known in China as huo guo, looks like a meat fondue set, but often has a larger pan because it's traditionally used for birthdays and other parties. Ingredients like meat, vegetables and noodles are left in the pan to boil, then scooped out with nets to be eaten with sauce.

Chocolate fondue

In a chocolate fondue set, you dip fruit and sweets in melted chocolate. This is often used as a dessert. Chocolate fondue sets are usually very small and compact. You may also opt for a chocolate fountain, where melted chocolate is pumped up and falls down through the fountain.

Why is the material of the fondue set important?

Pottery fondue sets

Especially suitable for cheese and chocolate fondue

Clay pans are especially suitable for cheese fondue and chocolate fondue, because it reacts quickly to heat changes. This will burn your cheese or chocolate less quickly at the bottom of the pan. Meat fondue is often not possible in earthenware fondue sets because they have a burner whose flame does not become hot enough to heat the broth.

Stainless steel fondue sets

Especially suitable for meat and Chinese fondue

Stainless steel fondue sets quickly warm up and are especially suitable for meat fondue or Chinese fondue. Stainless steel is very suitable for high temperatures and conducts the heat well. If a stainless steel fondue pan has a firm non-stick coating, it can also be used for cheese or chocolate fondue.

Cast iron fondue sets

Especially suitable for meat fondue

Cast iron is also most suitable for meat fondue. Cast iron takes a little longer to get to temperature but keeps the heat longer. When a cast iron pan is enameled, it can also be used for cheese fondue.

What size fondue set do I need?

The number of people you want to fund with is also important for the choice of your fondue set. The number of people in a fondue set is usually shown in the number of fondue forks that you get. Of course you can always buy more fondue forks yourself. Therefore look especially at the contents of the pan. For example, a 1-liter fondue pot can have 4 fondue forks, but with this content, fondue with 6 people is also possible.

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