Which multi-room soundbar should I choose?

Which multiroom soundbar suits you depends on several things. If you already have WiFi speakers at home, you can expand them with a soundbar that is compatible with your speakers. Usually this is a soundbar of the same brand as your speakers. If you do not yet have wifi speakers in your home, you choose not only for your first soundbar, but also for the basis of your multiroom system in your home. In both situations we are happy to help you make the best choice for a multi-room soundbar for you.

I don't have a multiroom speaker in the house yet

Expert without speakers

You don't have any multiroom speakers in the house yet? Then we are happy to help you choose your first multi-room soundbar and therefore also the basis for your multi-room sound system.

I already have a multiroom speaker (s) at home

Expert with speakers

You already have multiroom speakers and would you like to place a soundbar at home? Then we would like to help you with the best choice for you for a multi-room soundbar.

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