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Advice on bike navigation

Advice on bike navigation A bike computer is a useful tool to keep track of your cycling performance or to discover new routes. Whether you're a recreational or a competitive cyclist, there's so much choice that it can be difficult to decide which bike navigation you should buy. No worries. In this article, we'll tell you what you should keep in mind so you'll be ready for a relaxed bike ride.

Bike navigation per cyclist type

Road bike racer

Road bike racer

As a road bike racer, you're committed to riding on paved roads. Perhaps you're into road bike racing. In any case, you're mainly concerned with improving your performance. That's why the bike navigation system has to meet a number of requirements. For example, the screen size should be smaller than 3-inch to ensure as little resistance as possible. You should also be able to connect various sensors, like a heart rate or cadence sensor.

Mountain bikers

Mountain biker

If you're a mountain biker, you prefer dirt roads. You look for challenging tracks and for that reason, you often ride on forest trails. Your navigation should have an off-road mode that also shows dirt roads. In addition, it's important that the bike computer is waterproof, because you're not afraid of a bit of water.


Recreational cyclist

Performance isn't what motivates you to cycle, but you'd like to track your distance traveled and the time. Cycling is a form of relaxation. You like to ride through beautiful areas and stop for a coffee or lunch from time to time. For recreational cyclists, we recommend a navigation system that allows you to enter your destination yourself. Most of these also show useful places, such as public toilets and restaurants.


Bike navigations

When you buy a bike navigation system, you should also keep the user-friendliness in mind. The more advanced the device is, the more possibilities you get, but the more you'll have to look into it as well. Another important factor is screen size. The larger the screen, the easier it will be to view the data and routes. On the other hand, a bike navigation with a larger screen isn't as easy to transport in your pocket and causes more resistance.

Map coverage

Map coverage: Europe

While it's important to take into account which type of cyclist you are, you should also consider map coverage. Roughly speaking, there are 2 types of map coverage: Europe and worldwide coverage. For most people, Europe coverage is sufficient. To be on the safe side, choose a system that allows you to add extra maps in case you want to go on holiday outside of Europe. You can simply buy the maps of the country you're going to visit.

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