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Can metal go in the microwave?

A microwave heats up your meal with electromagnetic waves. These waves create an electric field that's constantly moving. This creates friction between molecules and voilà, you have heat. When you place a metal fork in the microwave, it creates sparks, which causes a fire hazard. In this article, you can read which metal objects you can and can't use in the microwave.

Do not heat forks

Metal in microwave

When you heat your leftover macaroni with a spoon, there won't be a flame in your microwave. A spoon is big and thick enough to absorb the heat. A fork, on the other hand, collects the electric current at the ends due to its long and pointed shape. This creates sparks and ultimately forms a fire hazard. Stick to spoons, only when really necessary.

Metal oven racks aren't a problem

Metal oven racks

What about metal oven racks and baking trays for combi microwaves? These objects contain a type of coating that's suited for heating up. This way, you can heat your food without sparks and your microwave doesn't catch fire.

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