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Help with choosing a type of barbecue

Barbecues come in many shapes and sizes. The charcoal barbecue, the outdoor kitchen, the gas barbecue, the kamado, the electric barbecue, and the smoker. Which type suits you? We'll give you an overview of the various barbecues. That way, you'll easily choose the barbecue that suits you.

Charcoal barbecues, kamado's and smoke ovens

Charcoal barbecues

Charcoal barbecues

  • Suitable for park, beach and garden
  • Less fast at temperature
  • Preparation possibilities depending on size


  • Suitable for in the garden
  • Less quickly at temperature
  • Many preparation options


  • Suitable for in the garden
  • Less quickly at temperature
  • Limited cooking possibilities

Outdoor kitchens, gas barbecues, and electric barbecues

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens

  • Suitable for in the garden
  • Fast on temperature
  • Many preparation possibilities
Gas barbecues

Gas barbecues

  • Suitable for garden, balcony and camping
  • Fast on temperature
  • Limited preparation possibilities
Electric barbecues

Electric barbecues

  • Suitable for garden and balcony
  • Fast on temperature
  • Little preparation possibilities

1. The charcoal barbecue

The charcoal BBQ

A charcoal barbecue provides the authentic barbecuing experience. In addition to that, meat you cook on a charcoal barbecue will have a delicious grilled taste, because you're roasting on real fire. Other than that, you can carry small charcoal barbecues more easily than an electric barbecue or a gas barbecue because you won't have to worry about a propane cylinder or socket.

  • Authentic grilled taste
  • Easier to carry
  • Option of indirect grilling
  • Takes longer to get up to temperature
  • Cleaning is a lot of work

2. The gas barbecue

Gas Barbecue

The big advantage of a gas barbecue is that it gets up to temperature fast. In addition, you'll be able to very easily and accurately adjust the temperature using the dial. Because a gas barbecue will barely bother you with any smoke, it's suitable for in the courtyard or indoor garden as well. On top of that, a gas barbecue is easily cleaned.

  • Gets up to temperature fast
  • Easily cleaned
  • Not much smoke
  • Propane cylinder takes up a lot of space
  • Propane cylinder will need to be refilled after a while

3. The outdoor kitchen

For true barbecuing enthusiasts among us, there's the outdoor kitchen. This is an extension of your kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are gas-powered, which is why they get up to temperature quickly. Because an outdoor kitchen includes multiple burners, you'll be able to prepare a dish and all its accompanying side dishes outside.

  • Up to temperature quickly
  • Prepare multiple dishes
  • Cook for a large group
  • Takes up relatively a lot of space
  • An outdoor kitchen is relatively expensive to purchase

4. The kamado


A kamado barbecue consists of a thick ceramic tub and a heavy lid. Thanks to the thick housing you keep the temperature under control. With a kamado you barbecue at both very high and low temperatures. This makes the barbecue versatile in use.

  • For the culinary barbecue
  • Optimal control over temperature
  • Food at both high and low temperatures
  • Quite pricey in purchase
  • Heavy and therefore less easy to move

5. The electric barbecue

Electric barbecue

With electric barbecues, as with gas barbecues, you do not suffer from smoke. You simply plug in the power supply and within 10 minutes you start grilling. After barbecuing, clean the electric barbecue quickly by setting it to the highest setting.

  • Fast on temperature
  • Easy cleaning
  • No trouble with smoke
  • You always need an outlet in the neighborhood
  • Often small size and therefore not suitable for large groups

6. The smoker


With a smoker, you'll prepare dishes with an authentic smoke flavor. Thanks to the closed smoker, the smoke will be drawn into the food well. Various kinds of wood chips and smoking sawdust are available, each of which will give a unique flavor to your dish.

  • Other preparations possible
  • Can also be used as a barbecue
  • Choose your own smoke flavor
  • Doesn't have a pleasant working height
  • Takes a while to get up to temperature

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